Unlimited benefits.

Why to adopt sustainable practices in your business? Just because it is cool? Just because it is a buzzword? Nothing above.

Imagine your venture is on the very start. You are on tight budget, building your MVP to attract first customers and improve your service or product. How sustainable principles can help you to build your business from scratch?

Unlimited benefits.Imagine your venture is already vetted. You have the resources to grow, you have well enrolled product, but you may feel something is not right - maybe it is your work-life balance? Maybe some customers just do not make the decision to choose you?

Learn from nature

Nature is beautiful, and - very clever. Well-known 80/20 rule is just the basic one. Try to automate your business processes. Do things which will take you some time, but they will give you much more profits. Of course this does not mean that you will not have touch also boring and dirty job.

There are few attitudes.

Everything is gardening. When  new opportunity comes, try to see all the connections, inputs and outputs, maintenance. Make decisions. Do you have enough energy to take care of all your systems and to have a nice rest as well?And if something happens, are you able to react?

First production, then consumption.

Every system does have its own inputs and outputs and basically, this is the nut. Building a new system costs resources. To expand your system, you first should consider to invest into assets which produce or save more resources. Very hard to focus on this when your head is full of ideas for the last minute.

Use appropriate technology and essential use of your resources to be able to keep the balance.

If you have an idea and you do not have money to start it, go and make some money first. 

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Unlimited benefits.

Even on a limited garden, you can achieve fantastic results if you are able to use the given space well in time and space. For example, why to wait until a big tree will grow up (your perfect product) and leaving your garden unused? Grow something else what will not take so much time and will help you to get resources. 

Pool your services with others.

Use the space as effective as you can to get the most from your assets.

Cooperation with environment

You are not alone here. If you feel alone, go and find friends. Invite useful animals into your garden - tools which will help you to make the garden working well. Find and improve a windpath to get more traction into your windmill to produce energy. Find business partners who can give you some jobs or will help you to grow in a different way.

Do not re-invent when not needed. There are already great patterns in the world. Such as libraries for developers, templates for designers.

Consider ethical behavior.

Ethical Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, EIA, Freedom in Work, Use of Renewable Materials, Impact Investing and many others - clear evidence that sustainable business is growing trend

outperform others, why? Because when you care, conscious consumer will appreciate it and 

Everything is gardening.