Wordpress Theme the7I have been looking for perfect wordpress theme template for years. And one shiny day, Ive met my love. Her name was The 7 and her parents were Dream Theme. We are together now for 1 year and she keep me superfine about her beauty, abilities and soul. Yes, this template does have a soul, the feel which is so specific.

Every man does know that money is needed to keep relationship somewhat healthy ( yes, it is not all, but consider..if you do not have money to go to a dinner with your love, is it good? ), but The 7 never wanted me more than $55. Incredibly low price for such a value, bargain of the century! Lol.

Why I’ve chosen to recommend WordPress Theme Template “The 7″ to all of my clients?

  • Design is outstanding and with TONS and TONS of possibilities (including Visual Composer!)
  • Functionality – Upper standard? Exclusive!
  • Easy to use – template is very sophisticated BUT with elegant learning curve
  • Works like a charm – Bugs? Where? And if, there is the best support ever
  • Value grows in time – I have started with version 1, today there is version 4. I cant express my feelings properly.
  • Works on all browsers well, there is no need to create mobile version of the site, RETINA compatible.
  • Woocommerce ready, WPML ready, SEO compliant.
  • Time saving – The great team of Dream Theme prepared really helpful dummy content for rapid development of your site

There are so many benefits. And negatives? Maybe that this wordpress theme template has been sold over 9 000 times! Neverthless, such a high nubmer is a proof of quality for this responsive wordpress theme.

I have never ever experienced such great WordPress theme. I would pay even triple price for this masterpiece and definitely will suggest this one also to my clients. HUGE thanks to author(s) of this killer piece of stuff.

by neophonic

Website is an office, website is a store, website is your business card. Lets make it in style and you will generate leads.

I will never regret the decision to purchase this piece. Make your decision and do not regret that youve left this untouched.

Get WordPress Theme The 7 Today , contact me and I will help you to configure it. As an incentive, you will receive a short promotion youtube video for your business or nonprofit cause.

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