Earth Care

3 Principles of Permaculture for Business.

Permaculture consists of words perma and culture. If you think it is only about gardening, let me show you how permaculture principles can help your business to thrive and make a life full of abundance not only for business owner, but also for employees.

Every conscious business owner already knows that environment is very important - environment where the business lives - Earth, but also more intangible environments, such as labour market and trade market.

If you are not able to be in harmony with these, you will experience big issues soon or later. Common Sense.

Samples of Proactive Measures Towards Permaculture Principles

  • Use digital commuting to save time & limit use of fossil fuels
  • Find a hosting company with use of green energy
  • Use and value renewable resources & services
  • Provide permaculture garden to your employees

People Care

Fluctuation cost money and time on training and onboarding. No need to repeat the reasons of fluctuation, so there is one best practice - follow the natural principles in order to care about people in a strategic manner and scale.

Samples of Proactive Measures Towards Permaculture Principles

  • Read a book written by Ricardo Semler called The Seven-Day Weekend.
  • What a tree needs to grow and yield crops? For a new position and every new employee, sub-contractor or partner, perform an analysis of incoming and outcoming resources to implement the "new tree in your forest" into the system.
  • Fluctuation is as natural as death. To get new, you sometime need to cut the old.

When weed grows in your garden, do not fight a battle you can not win (using ethical and reasonable resources), because it will not disappear until it will do the job - to cover naked mother Earth. Instead of useless fight, you can actually help the process, so there is no need for weed anymore and it comes away naturally. 

If you want your business kid to live, you will do everything for it.
Such as weed. Once the season come, they will disappear while leaving a good job done behind.

The purpose of work is to make the worker - whether a working stiff or a CEO - feel good about life. 

Ricardo Semler

Fair Share

Is sharing economy dead? Or is it just renamed? Or is it here even without naming it? In order to achieve abundance, you need more than just to make more. Gathering resources you will not be able to use in near future can be contraproductive - investors know it. Groceries know it. Your fridge is the silent witness of how your resources go into trash.

If you have enough ______, share it and exchange it for something you actually need. This is the way how not only you, but also the second side will be closer to abundance.