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A note from Jakub Dubec

If you were going to improve your promotion results, where would you go for them? I’m sure you will take a careful decision process how to achieve positive change for an affordable price.
I wonder myself.
Every each day, I learn from experience. So I offer this experience to help you create and grow a profitable business.
People do need more than just a guide, they need progress. 
If you are looking for an assistance for your brand building job, let me personally help you.
Lets get things done and contact me. Give me a try and you won’t be disappointed. My clients love my work. You will, too. But mostly, you’ll love all the money you save and make.

Remarkable results come from persistent improvements.

How to use your online presence in the age of information? It does not matter if you are going to start or you are already well enrolled business. There is always space for improvement and constructive innovation. Whenever you are brick&mortar or dotcom business, nowadays you CAN nurture your bottom line well with strong brand for an affordable price.

Available Services

Website Development, Social Media Management, Content Strategy Development, SEO/SERP Optimization, Content Curation, Video Authoring, Newsletter, Blogs, CMS-based Websites , WordPress, Naming, Branding, Claims, Corporate Identity, Marketing, Campaigns, Stickers and more.


I will kill two birds with one stone.

With your help, I will be able to generate enough funds to cover all the bills, provide pro-bono services to nonprofits and help you grow your business.

Due to high demand,
acceptance of new projects is postponed.

If you are sure that you want ME for your job, please contact me.

Hourly rate for new projects
is currently set to $25 per hour with 10 hours work donation.

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Delivering Happiness

I have worked with Jakub for several weeks looking into various aspects of our online profile. Jakub is a intelligent, creative worker who loves what he does. More importantly, in an industry in flux, he has brought a new creative energy and focus to everything we do. Jakub is the right person to have on your team- curious, hard working and innovative. I am a tech illiterate. He is a tech genius. Usually when these two meet there is a clash of culture, information and language. Neophonic is patient and calm, in the way that only people who know what they are really doing can be. This guy has passed excellent, and invented a new category-neophonic.

Charles Liburd
Writer and Independent Producer at NMNC Films
Listen to Jakub, listen to him carefully. Because not doing so might be the biggest mistake you have ever made. Yes, Jakub is a very controversial and visionary person. He is the kind of creative man who can predict things like Google Circles 3 years in advance(and he actually did!). I am having a very delightful work experience with Jakub and also his contribution to the nonprofit sector is very remarkable.
Tibor Szabó
Partner at inQool a.s.
Passion for cooperation!
Adam Ondracek
Jakub is knowledgeable on so many different aspects of web design, social media management and networking. It has been an amazing working with him and I greatly appreciate the time (and patience!) he has dedicated to this project, as well as the guidance he has offered me time and time again. Thank you, Jakub!
Rebecca Millar
Partner at SCG Innovation Institute
Wonderful suggestions and insight and hard work is greatly appreciated. I will defiantly continue to use your services. Thank you :)
I am working with Jakub for a very long time and he is definitely great and open-minded person. In every situation he is able to help with his best. I hope we will go on our cooperation.
Václav Hodek
Václav Hodek
CEO at LWi s.r.o
Wonderful seller. Honorable. Best dealings.
William Stewart
Willie Stewart
William Stewart, Head of 2MCH4YA

The most awesome fiverr ever! He gave tones of useful advice as well as put together two different media presentations for me -- above and beyond for $5! Will contact again!

Monica Surrena
Monica Surrena
Owner, Un Dia Bonito Fashion
Best provider on Fiverr
Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry
Founder of iXPeak

If you want great work done, make an investment in your business and buy "ANY" / "ALL" of Neophonic's Gigs. He is creative, thoughtful, caring, and a marketing maven. And be sure to budget for a tip, 'cause I know you'll be giving him one, just like I have done, several times! :)

Victor Sinclair
Victor Sinclair
Owner, Victor Sinclair Consulting
Pleasure to work with. Intelligent and talented professional.
Levent Sail
Levent Sail
Internet Marketer
The Rumorist
SC Global Group
The Biggest Idea
EST America

Service of brand manager is limited by time window of independent contractor.

Are you registered business, independent contractor or nonprofit organization and/or reside in European Union or you are VAT registered in EU?
Always contact me before order, please.